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Hester's Occult

Archangel Oracle Cards

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Heavenly help is available at any given moment if only we open ourselves to receiving divine energy from the Source. Through this deck, bestselling angel and Ascension author Diana Cooper has created a way for you to connect with and receive guidance from 44 beloved archangels - including Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and the mighty Metatron - and also lesser-known angels such as Raguel, the angel of justice and Fhelyai, the angel of animals. Diana also introduces several Seraphims in this deck, including Archangel Roquiel and Seraphim Seraphisa; these powerful 12th-dimensional angels maintain the vibration of creation and help divine visions to manifest. They are just starting to connect with humanity. Each card is beautifully illustrated in colours depicting the glow, hope and inspiration that surrounds the archangels, and emits a joyful, uplifting energy that you can carry into your everyday life. This deck of cards can be used like any oracle: ask a question and pull a single card to receive an answer or direction, or perform a 3-card reading to receive guidance about your past, present and future situation. You may also place a card by your bedside so that your chosen archangel can watch over you.