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Hester's Occult

Archetypal Reiki Book & Cards

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Reiki, the traditional art of healing meditation, draws its name from the Japanese characters rei, spirit, and ki, life force. Archetypal Reiki offers a pack of cards - that skillfully embody the core ideas of Riki healing - to help you focus on attaining greater physical. emotional, and spiritual health, and to live a life of increased well-being. Archetypal Reiki is a book and card set that includes 28 cards falling into four categories. Each addresses a different aspect of healing: awakening; the path to truth; initiation and purification; empowerment. The book explains the principles of Reiki healing and sets out guidelines for using the cards, including a selection of healing rituals, a wide array of meditations, 10 ways to lay out the cards to access Reiki energy, and "when you draw this card" explanations, affirmations, and exercises for each of the 28 cards. Consult the Archetypal Reiki cards with questions about your physical, spiritual, or emotional health. Let them guide you to an intuitive awareness of the self-empowering steps you can take along your healing path. This incredible deck is in previously loved, like-new condition.