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Hester's Occult

Astrology And Personal Power

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Astrology has been a favorite study for centuries. Mankind has always known that astrological forces have a direct effect on each individual's life, similarities, and distinct differences. Knowing your future can help you prepare to react properly and to your best advantage. Surprises often confuse, so be prepared, and avoid costly surprises. This interesting book can help you to develop successful relationships at home and on the job, find and live with your ideal mate, maximize your personal potential, find your career niche and reach the top, understand how your health is influenced by star power and the effect on your body, and how to create strong investment strategies. Astrology is the key to personal power and this book can help you use that key to open the door to your own thriving future. This book is previously loved with minor shelf wear and some small spots on the outside of the pages.