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Hester's Occult

Chakra Healing

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All living beings have powerful centers of energy called chakras. With this practical guide from expert energy healer Margarita Alcantara, you will unlock the full potential of your chakra system for complete health and balance restoration. Step one of this process is to locate your symptom or ailment, step two is to learn which chakras are blocked and the final step is to apply the different chakra healing techniques covered in this book. You will learn how to alleviate neck pain or addiction by unlocking the throat chakra with aquamarine crystals or lavender oils. Learn how to reduce panic attacks or digestive issues by balancing the Solar Plexus chakra with Sun Salutation yoga poses and "Ra" (the Egyptian God of the Sun) chants. Some other techniques covered include step-by-step meditations, crystal practices with photos, illustrated yoga poses, applications with essential oils, tips involving food and diet, and some gentle suggestions for behavioral changes. Align with your highest purpose and with your innate joy with this brand new, wonderful book!