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Hester's Occult

Damascus Steel , Brass and Bone Athame

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Hand-forged by the incredibly talented Rody Stan, this beautiful Athame is a powerful ritual tool as well as a functional (and incredibly sharp!) dagger in its own right. Constructed from dyed Camel Bone and elegantly sculpted brass, along with Rosewood and Damascus Steel. Along with the Athame itself is a hand tooled and sewn thick leather sheath with embossed pattern, strong stitching, belt loop, and snap closure that securely holds the dagger in place when not in use.

Damascus steel has been used for centuries, and although the original methods and materials have been lost to history, modern Damascus maintains a reputation as consistently sharp and bewitchingly beautiful. Multiple layers of two distinct metals are repeatedly forged and folded, resulting in hundreds of layers and requiring hours and hours of careful concentration and incredibly hard work! This blade was given excellent heat treatment and will hold its edge for years to come. 

Although many magical traditions embrace the Athame as a fundamental tool, the reasons for this vary greatly. Most commonly associated with the Elements of Air and/or Fire the Athame is used to Call the Quarters, Cast a Spell Circle, hold harmful entities at bay, Bless or Consecrate a Ritual Drink within a Chalice, and even as a mundane tool for cutting herbs.