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Hester's Occult

Magical Rites from the Crystal Well

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Now you can get the collection of rituals and wisdom that has helped start thousands of people on a Pagan path for over thirty-five years―Magical Rites from the Crystal Well by Ed Fitch. "The Crystal Well" was a small magazine that was published at a time when little information was available on Wicca, Witchcraft, and Paganism. Because of this, the rituals from that magazine circulated far and wide. Today, decades later, they are still popular. Why? Because they're some of the most beautiful, magical, and lyrical rituals ever written. These wonderful rituals have been collected in a beautifully illustrated book. Each rite includes complete instructions, with every word and every action clearly explained. The book also includes Pagan lore, such as the Rede of Chivalry, tips on forming a Pagan training group, how to tell if your pet is also your familiar, and much more. Almost every page has an elegant illustration. This book is not just filled with important ideas and rites that you can use, it's also beautiful to behold. This book is in used, acceptable condition with obvious shelf wear, but a clean interior.