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Hester's Occult

Astrology and Divination (Mysteries, Legends, And Unexplained Phenomena)

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"Is it possible to predict the future?" This is the question that most often comes up when people think of divination, but divination is much more than mere fortune-telling. Divination provides one with insight and guidance. It is a way of contacting the unconscious part of the human mind and accessing psychic abilities. Astrology and Divination offers an overview of the history and forms of divination. It focuses especially on astrology and the tarot but also looks at dreams, augurs, dice, the I Ching, palmistry, and other oracular methods. It is the perfect introduction to these time-honored methods of guidance and personal reflection. Throughout history, people have experienced amazing things that they could not fully explain. From encounters with strange creatures to sightings of mysterious flying lights, and from ghostly apparitions to visions of the future, these occurrences have fueled the idea that entities, powers, and dimensions may exist outside the boundaries of the everyday world. Each book in the Mysteries, Legends, and Unexplained Phenomena series examines one area of the paranormal. Designed to inspire readers' imaginations while informing them of the known facts, these books are written by occult experts with firsthand experience in paranormal investigations.