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Hester's Occult

Palmistry Your Highway to Life

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On the palm of your hand lies the map of your life, tracing not only where you have been but where you are going. Its unique lines and shapes can indicate your true character, reveal your natural potential, and forewarn you of problems. The only trick is learning how to read the signs and this stunningly illustrated volume is the key. An interesting and enjoyable introduction to the ancient art of palmistry, this book is simple, accurate, and instructive for the novice palm reader. It contains straightforward explanations and sample readings that you can refer to. Learn how to decipher the lines of the hand to reveal details of your health, career, and love life, and discover how the shape of your thumb, fingers, and even your nails all have hidden meanings! This previously loved book is in like-new condition with no flaws, and only incredibly minor shelf wear.