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Hester's Occult

Power Astrology

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Personal power gives you freedom from self-imposed limitations - and the ability to experience each moment fully and with greater richness. With a depth and insight never before seen in any astrology book, renowned astrologer Robin MacNaughton shares her star wisdom to help you achieve true mastery over your life. You'll discover your sun sign's vital strengths and weaknesses and how to use them for personal growth, extraordinary self-awareness, your wisest intuitive voice, clearer perceptions of the people in your life, finding meaningful relationships, and access to the full power that lies within you to create doorways of possibility in every situation. With invaluable daily mental exercises specially designed for each of the 12 signs that can help you move beyond emotional stumbling blocks, energize your mind, and dramatically change your life, this book can help you become the best of what you already are and enjoy each day with happiness and serenity. This book is in previously loved condition with some shelf wear and minor yellowing but no rips, tears, underlining or highlighting.