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Hester's Occult

Practical Palmistry

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Palmistry is one of the oldest and most engaging of all studies. It has survived thousands of years, from the days of the ancient Hindus and Greeks, when it played a great role in their religion and philosophy, to the present day. During this time it has been proved over and over again that certain marks on the hands, in conjunction with other related signs, do very definitely indicate certain events in a person's past, present and/or future history. The lines in the hands do not appear by accident, neither are they made by constant folding of the hand; each mark or line has a meaning and significance for the individual. It has been found that there are natural positions in the hand for certain lines, such as the Life and Heart lines, and any deviation from these natural positions has some special significance. Every emotional experience that a person undergoes is marked on the hands, so that over the years the lines of the hands change. Marks appear where there were none before and lines which before were distinct may become less so. In this book we have tried to describe as simply as possible the recognized meanings of the most commonly found marks and lines on the hand, and hope that we shall succeed in interesting you in this really fascinating and age-old subject.