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Hester's Occult

Revelations Tarot

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If you've ever stood on your head, or tried on someone else's glasses, you know that there's more than one way to look at the same situation. Sometimes seeing things from a new perspective opens up avenues and possibilities you might never have considered otherwise. The Revelations Tarot does just that. Beautifully rendered in a vibrant style reminiscent of stained glass this intriguing deck showcases fully reversible cards. Turn a card around and you'll get a clear picture of the energy indicated by its reversal. This boxed kit features: complete interpretations for each card in the deck in both upright and reversed positions, four different card layouts designed to answer your questions about love, luck, and life, and a black organdy Tarot bag to protect your cards. Suitable for beginners yet innovative enough to delight experienced readers, the Revelations Tarot will turn your life upside down (in a good way). This boxed set is in brand new, factory sealed condition and will make a wonderful addition to any Tarot library!