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Power of the Runes : A Complete Kit for Divination

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The Rune Magic Deck, Donald Tyson's unique divinatory deck, consists of twenty-four strikingly designed cards, boldly portraying a Germanic futhark rune on each one. Artist Robin Wood has illuminated each rune card with lush illustrations done in the ancient Norse tradition. Included on each card are the Old English name, its meaning, the sound of the rune when used as a letter, and its Roman numeral representation. Also included is a set of 4 rune dice. Since their invention by Tyson more than 15 years ago, rune dice have become a popular form of divination, often replacing other rune forms such as stones, sticks, or cards. Even though the system is new, it is based on the ancient runes themselves. There is a Little White Booklet with complete instructions for the use of both cards and dice that is in like-new condition. The deck of Rune Cards is brand new and factory sealed, and the set of Rune Dice appears to have never been used.