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Hester's Occult

Tarot Awareness Exploring the Spiritual Path

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With its powerful imagery, hidden meanings, and sometimes earth-shattering revelations, the tarot can surprise you like a sudden lightning flash across the evening sky. It can open the way to a more aware and vibrant communication with the Inner Self, the divine spark within. The tarot is one of the great treasures of Western esoteric wisdom. Serious study of the tarot enhances the examined life and is a key to unlocking the secrets of the psyche. Tarot Awareness encourages the student to develop a spirit of dedicated introspection and practical application, leading to the divine Source of our strength and well-being. The "Tarot Moment", or reading, is an interpretation of the patterns of a group of cards in a particular moment in time. Tarot readings are, above all, a challenging, daring, and intriguing entryway into the subtle realms. Tarot Awareness offers valuable insights into how you can improve the depth and accuracy of your readings to access these realms. What does it mean to have more than one ace in a reading? When is a card "exalted" or "in detriment?" What is each card's primary challenge? In addition to the answers to these questions, this book contains astrological and Qabalistic correspondences for each card, as well as visualizations and guided meditations designed to draw your focus inward into the deepest and most ineffable aspects of the tarot. This informative softcover book is in previously loved, very good condition and is free of rips, stains, tears, underlining, or highlighting and is ready to join your tarot library today!