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Hester's Occult

Tarot Decoratif

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Tarot Decoratif artfully combines elements of two pillars of contemporary tarot practice, the Smith-Waite Tarot Deck and the Tarot de Marseille, illuminating both. Acclaimed tarot artist Ciro Marchetti provides a unique view of classical tarot iconography, paying homage to tradition while appealing to modern sensibilities with his signature magical realist style and utilizing Art Deco design elements. The Minor Arcana include Smith-Waite-style pictorial vignettes but also emphasize arrangements of suit objects. The illustrated guidebook by tarot author Lee Bursten explores the history, myth, and religion hidden in the 22 Triumphs (Major Arcana), and includes an in-depth course on how to interpret the Minor Arcana numerological. As a bonus, the book can be used with traditional Tarot de Marseille decks or even playing cards. Together, the deck and book can be used to broaden your tarot practice and deepen your tarot practice and to serve as a bridge between the Tarot de Marseille and Smith-Waite traditions.