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Hester's Occult

Tarot Theory & Practice

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Is it possible, using nothing more than a deck of Tarot cards, to tap into a realm beyond time - a dimension in which the events of the "future" are revealed to you? Can you discover - and sometimes change - your destiny? Or speak a prophecy aloud and affect events that have not yet been set in motion? In this groundbreaking and provocative work, professional Tarot reader Ly de Angeles shares a wealth of knowledge, offering proven techniques for using the Tarot to predict the future. She presents bold new theories on the nature of time and reality, exploring the connections between the Tarot, the Qabbalistic Tree of Life, and quantum concepts, along with fascinating case histories and mind-expanding exercises you can try for yourself. Tarot Theory and Practice explores Quantum time and multiple lives, shadow reality, free will and fate, The Tree of Life, personal energy fields, gods and ghosts, the random factor, predictions, prophecies, and self-protection. This book offers a comprehensive guide to card interpretations and several sample spreads that will help you gain the skills needed to do Tarot readings for yourself and others. Advice on many practical aspects of Tarot, from handling your cards properly to going professional, is also covered in this one-of-a-kind book. This copy of Tarot Theory and Practice is in very good, previously loved condition with some minor water wrinkling on a few pages, but is otherwise free of underlining, highlighting, stains and rips.