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Hester's Occult

The Celtic Dragon Tarot Book & Deck Set

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In previously loved, very fine condition, this amazing set will bring the enchantment of fire-breathing creatures to every reading you do. Fantasy illustrator Lisa Hunt and Wiccan author D.J. Conway have teamed up to create a tarot that is captivating, educational, and filled with the incandescent beauty of dragons. Each illustration is lovingly detailed and sumptuously colored. Included in the guidebook are numerous tarot spreads, instructions on how to meditate using the deck, and even some spells which use the deck (and candles) for healing, luck, protection, inspiration, and love. You can even learn how to develop your psychic abilities, utilizing the ancient power of dragons! This deck and book set includes a complete, colorful, 78 card deck and a 216-page guidebook with all of the information that you need to understand the meanings of each card, do your own readings right away, and access the power of myth, magic, and dragons.