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Hester's Occult

The Green Man Tree Oracle

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The Green Man Tree Oracle is another gorgeous set of divination cards from the powerhouse team of Wil Worthington and John Matthews which incorporates the ancient divination system of the Ogham into each card. Additionally, there is a Green Man in each illustration - sometimes apparent and sometimes hidden. Many scholars believe that the Ogham was an alphabet created by the Druids for political, military, or religious reasons so they could have a covert method of communication in their struggle against invading cultures (like the Romans). This deck and book set consists of 25 lavishly illustrated cards and a 128-page Guidebook with the interpretations of each card and suggestions for how to use the deck. It is entirely possible to spend hours looking at each stunning design and finding the hidden Green Man faces and ancient wisdom sprinkled throughout each card. This Box Set is the first edition, and although the deck has been reprinted, this version is now out of print. In previously loved, but also like-new condition, this vintage set is perfect for readers at all skill levels.