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Hester's Occult

The Halloween Oracle

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This deck is excellent, not only because of the fantastic illustrations but because it's all about the best Holiday there is - Halloween! Also known as Samhain (the ancient Celtic festival on which Halloween is based) the veil (metaphysical "curtain") between this world and the Other Side was thought to be at its thinnest and most pierceable. Since the Old Days, Halloween has been an occasion seen as optimal for efficacious and powerful divination - either to predict the future or reconnect with those who have passed away. Filled with iconic images of Jack-O-Lanterns, Trick-Or-Treaters, Ghosts, Black Cats, and Cauldrons this deck brings the Old and New Worlds together in a panoply of color and fun, making it ideal for practitioners at all skill and experience levels, Still brand new and factory sealed, this deck is ready and waiting to give you a frighteningly good time!