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Hester's Occult

The Hollow Valley Tarot

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The Hollow Valley Tarot is a tool for self-reflection that offers clarity, guidance and direction when you feel lost, afraid and confused. You have the answers inside of you — all you need is dedicated time and space for them to be revealed. Often, the magic and guidance we need is all around us, we just need a gentle push in the right direction or something to open our eyes to the beauty in the details.

Rich in symbolism and steeped in magic, you haven't seen a tarot deck like this before. Artist and illustrator Erin Alise creates a rich tapestry of symbols in every card, the symbols that surround us in our everyday life hold deep power and can guide us towards the magic that exists around us and inside of us.

Each card features an archetypal symbol with roots in a wide span of cultures and histories, symbols that have endured change, time, and distance, symbols that have continued to appear in dreams, art, literature, and music throughout much of human existence. By focusing on the core structure and archetypes of the tarot, the Hollow Valley Tarot allows the reader to connect to the cards, infusing the meaning of the card with their associations and understanding, allowing the deck to speak to them profoundly. This deck is previously loved in like new condition.