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Hester's Occult

The Jesus Deck

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For the first time, a series of fifty-four magnificent paintings are reproduced in a playing card deck depicting the persons, events, and places in the drama of the life of Jesus. Rendered by commissioned artist William Atkins, the Jesus Deck is divided into four suits representing the four gospel writers. Each suit vividly portrays an aspect of Jesus' life: Luke speaks of his birth and childhood; Matthew covers his teachings; Mark portrays his Passion and death; John details his Resurrection. The Jesus Deck is a new visual concept widely acclaimed by laymen and clergy of all denominations. Each card beautifully illustrates in picture and verse a significant episode in the life of Jesus. Marvelously conceived, The Jesus Deck is faithfully reproduced in full color with dignity and elegance and is a collector's deck of everlasting value for the whole family. This copy is in previously loved, very fine condition.