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Hester's Occult

Magic of Marie Laveau, The

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Possibly the most influential American practitioner of the magical arts, Marie Laveau is certainly among the most famous. The subject of songs, films, novels, comic books, and legends, Laveau is the star of New Orleans ghost tours - her grave ranks among the most popular spiritual pilgrimages in the US. More than a century after her death Laveau still presides over the city where she once held sway, though her influence is now felt internationally as well. Denise Alvarado explores the fascinating history and mystery of Marie Laveau's life and work. In addition, The Magic of Marie Laveau provides an overview of New Orleans Voodoo, its origins, and its practices. It contains spells, prayers, rituals, and recipes, as well as instructions for constructing New Orleans-style altars, crafting the amulets known as gris-gris, and developing a personal spiritual relationship with Madame Laveau. This wonderfully magical book is brand new and ready to go!