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Hester's Occult

Magical Year, The

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In this practical and inspiring celebration of the festivals of the Celtic seasonal Wheel of the Year, Danu Forest draws on her many years of personal practice and teaching to skillfully revive the ancient rituals and traditions of all eight festivals - Imbolc, Spring Equinox, Beltane, Summer Solstice, Lughnasadh, Autumn Equinox, Samhain and Winter Solstice - helping you weave a more soulful, nature-centered, way of living into your everyday existence. Throughout the book, beautiful illustrations in the Celtic style capture the special atmosphere of each festival. Learn to call upon the deities to support and assist you in your journey and explore Celtic starlore to glean spiritual insights from the heavens. This book can help inspire and instruct you on how to make meaningful gifts for friends and family and how to cast spells for creativity, fertility, and blessings. You will get some great ideas for how to decorate your home with crafts and altars to manifest sacred space, use the abundance of nature in recipes for self-healing and for delicious feasts. The author also helps you explore the deeper meanings of each festival through magically guided visualizations. This book is in previously loved, but very fine condition, it's only flaw being one small brown scuff on the bottom of a few pages.