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Hester's Occult

The Minchiate Tarot

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The Minchiate Tarot is one of the most unique decks ever to emerge from the centuries-old Tarot tradition. A popular Tarot of the Italian Renaissance and the basis for several famous decks, the Minchiate faded into obscurity during the nineteenth century. Now reformulated with Brian Williams's subtle interpretations of the original art, this deck is once again available for Tarot devotees.  This modern presentation of the Minchiate explains the allegorical, esoteric, and symbolic meanings of all ninety-seven cards, including cards for each of the Zodiac signs, the four Elements, and several new Virtue cards. These extra cards give the Minchiate a breadth of divinatory possibilities far greater than that of other Tarot decks, making it an ideal tool for self-exploration and transformation. In addition, three hundred illustrations of classic European art reveal the Minchiate to be inextricably linked to key archetypes of the Renaissance, and Brian Williams's insightful commentaries and vast knowledge prove once and for all that the Tarot is part of the great tradition of Western culture. This stunning box set includes a complete deck that is in like-new condition and a guidebook that is in very fine, almost unused condition. The outer deck box shows minor cosmetic imperfection, making this box set a wonderful choice for that special Tarot enthusiast on your gift list!