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Hester's Occult

Monster Show, The

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Illuminating the dark side of the American century, The Monster Show uncovers the surprising links between horror entertainment and the great social crises of our time, as well as horror's function as a pop-cultural counterpart to surrealism, expressionism, and other twentieth-century artistic movements. With penetrating analyses and vivid anecdotes, David J. Skal explores a broad landscape of cultural expression - from painting and photography to theater and television, to comic books and novels. Ultimately focusing on film, the predominant art form of the modern world, he examines the many ways in which this medium has played out the traumas of two world wars and the Depression; the nightmare visions of invasion and mind control engendered by the Cold War; the preoccupation with demon children and mutants that took hold as thalidomide, birth control, and abortion changed the reproductive landscape; the vogue in body-transforming special effects that paralleled the development of the plastic surgery industry; the link between the rise of the AIDS epidemic and a renewed fascination with vampires; and much more, With a new afterword by the author that looks at horror's popular renaissance in the last decade, The Monster Show is a compulsively readable, thought-provoking inquiry into America's continuing obsession with the macabre. This fascinating book is in brand new condition and is perfect for the Halloween season!