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Hester's Occult

The Philosopher's Stone Self-Awareness Deck

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A card game to study the state of your being through thought, introspection, reflection and imagination. It can provide access to fundamental and elementary states of your being. It can increase your consciousness. 

It can lead to a personal transformation by opening your eyes. The Philosopher's Stone: a living and timeless work of art. Forty cards illustrate forty themes of human experience. The number of cards range them on the forty positions of the experiential path. The names of the cards show the direction and destination of the divinatory process.

Alone or in company, the Philosopher's Stone will be ready to clarify states and relationships. It is nourished by the power that holds together all beings and manifestations. Properly laid out, the cards take on a creative aspect. The cards disclose their meaning to those seeking for an answer.