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Hester's Occult

Spell Book for New Witches, The

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You can change your life with enchantingly easy spells! Magic is present within us all - when accessed, it allows us to connect to the natural world, invite in opportunities, and create the change we need in our lives. Whether you're new to spell work or hoping to expand your skills, The Spell Book For New Witches shows you how to tap into your inner power and make spell casting practical for your everyday. Start your path to practical magic with an introduction to spell work, including helpful instructions on performing spells, prepping your space, and channeling energy to access your power. Easy-to-follow spells will help you find lasting love, protect your family and friends, advance your career, and live the life you deserve. Some of the wonderful spells in this book include a Rose Attraction Potion, a Confidence Charm Sachet, the Friendship Repair Knot Spell, and how to create Healing Full Moon Water and Forgiving Shower Steamers - plus so much more! This incredible book offers insight into practical magic with an overview of spell casting that covers the fundamental terminology, the differences between witchcraft and Wicca, the best practices, and some common misconceptions. This book is also filled with sage advice on how to create an altar, how to access your power, and how to connect with the magic around you using calendars, seasons, cycles, and much more. You can practice your new craft daily with easy spells across seven categories, such as romantic love, friends and family, money matters and prosperity, and health and healing. This wonderful book is in brand new condition and ready to join your personal library today!