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Wicca Magic Starter Kit: Candle Magic, Crystal Magic, and Herbal Magic

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The Wicca Magic Starter Kit brings together 3 top guides from best-selling author Lisa Chamberlain - Candle Magic, Crystal Magic, and Herbal Magic - to create your ideal introduction to practicing the Craft. Each book includes in-depth discussions, practical tips, and simple spells to help you create desired changes in your life.

Candle Magic is a perfect starting point for anyone new to magic. With a step-by-step breakdown of the process of magical manifestation, tips for preparing candles for spellwork, and a host of beginner-friendly spells and techniques, this guide will start you on the path to successful magic, while building your confidence in your own inherent abilities.

Crystal Magic explores the world of crystals and other mineral stones. You'll meet 13 of the most widely used crystals in contemporary magic, learn their magical properties, and how to harness their unique energies to create the changes you seek. Try your hand at several magical workings, including elixirs, spells, and charms.

Herbal Magic covers the oldest of all magical traditions. You'll learn about why herbs are invaluable to Witches, shamans, and healers alike, and how their conscious energies can assist you in your manifestations. You'll also find spells, teas, baths, oils, charms, smudging rituals, and more.