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Hester's Occult

Witchcraft A Secret History

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The secret of witchcraft is that it is not what we think it is. When you hear the word "witchcraft", do you imagine warty old women cuddling through the sky on broomsticks to a rendezvous with the Devil? Then think again! Witches have been men as well as women, beautiful as well as ugly, and have worshipped other gods, as well as Satan. They have lived in all ages and all cultures. This book uncovers the truth behind the stereotype that is the secret history of witchcraft. Witchcraft: A Secret History charts how we have perceived the practice of magic and the control of natural forces; how these ideas give form to their most violent expression in the "burning times" of the medieval and early modern period: and how they still influence the way we think about witchcraft today. Finally, its shows how these ideas have been completely transformed into a religion of equality and respect that still has the power to unsettle the bravest among us. This book is in good condition with minor water staining to the lower right corner.