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Witta An Irish Pagan Tradition

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The beauty and simplicity which is paganism may never be more evident than in Witta, the Old Religion of Ireland. Witta was born of a people who loved their rugged, green Earth Mother, and who worshiped her through the resources she provided - without the elaborate tools, ritual dress, and rigid, intimidating initiation rites prescribed by other religions. The magick and ritual words come, as they did thousands of years ago, from within the heart of the practitioner. Many books have been written on paganism, and many others on Irish pagan history…but until Witta, no practical guide has been presented which teaches Irish paganism as a religious system within the framework of that history. As well as providing an overview of who and what influenced the Wittan religion as it is known today. Witta offers you practical, specific guidelines for using and constructing Wittan rituals, and practicing Irish spells and magick. The ancient religion of Witta offers a positive, tranquil, peace-loving path for anyone seeking spiritual alternatives - and Witta: An Irish Pagan Tradition is your map for following that path. This wonderful book is in previously loved, like-new condition.