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Zillionz : Titania's Book of Numerology

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Did you know that number "3s" are nature's charmers and eternally youthful? And that number "8s" can't help liking expensive things and never seem to have trouble finding the money to buy them? In her latest dazzling display of magical revelation, white witch Titania Hardie turns her attention to the art of numerology. At the start of the "2" millennium, and in a society increasingly governed by numbers, the author argues that the practice of divination by numbers holds greater relevance than ever before. Zillionz shows the reader how to calculate their personal digits, and provides a guide to making the most of the future using numbers. Loaded with splashes of color and good vibes everywhere, this is another masterpiece from Titania Hardie. This is a hardcover, first edition in very good vintage condition with minor exterior cosmetic wear. Absolutely absorbing, you will find yourself leafing through every page, eager to see every incredible image.